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The functions that the inference engine implements are divided into packages. By including a package, you include all commands in the package (though you can change this later by editing the Functions property). The table below lists all the packages and the functions in the packages. Within the expert system, function names are case sensitive.

Standard Package

__get-var < <= <>

= > >= and

assert assert-string batch bind

clear clear-focus-stack clear-storage close

create$ delete$ do-backward-chaining dribble-off

dribble-on duplicate eq* eq

exit explode$ fetch first$

focus foreach format gensym*

get-current-module get-fact-duplication get-focus get-focus-stack

get-slot-value halt if implode$

insert$ length$ load load-facts

member member$ modify neq

not nth$ open or

pop-focus printout read readline

remove rename replace$ reset

rest$ retract retract-string return

run save save-facts set-current-module

set-fact-duplication store subseq$

subsetp throw try unwatch

version watch while

Math Package

- * ** /

+ abs div exp

float integer log log10

max min mod PI

random randomize round seed


Miscellaneous Package

agenda date-str datetime-str datetime-str-format

decode-day decode-hour decode-millisecond decode-minute

decode-month decode-second decode-year encode-date

encode-time facts get-dynamic-constraint-checking get-static-constraint-checking

guard is-binding is-deftype is-deffunction

is-defglobal is-defrule is-deffacts is-deftemplate

list-deffacts list-deffunctions list-defrules

list-deftemplates list-deftypes list-focus-stack parse

ppdeffacts ppdeffunction ppdefmodule ppdefrule

ppdeftemplate ppdeftype

rules set-dynamic-constraint-checking setgen set-reset-globals

set-static-constraint-checking str-date str-datetime str-time

system-date system-datetime system-time time

time-str undeffacts undeffunction undefrule

undeftemplate undeftype

Predicate Package

evenp external-addressp floatp fuzzyp

get-type integerp lexemep multifieldp

numberp objectp oddp stringp


String Package

lowcase str-cat str-compare str-index

str-length sub-string sym-cat upcase

Object Package

create-object execute-action free-object

get-class get-component get-components get-properties

get-property is-class set-property

Business Package

double-declining-balance future-value interest-payment interest-rate

internal-rate-of-return net-present-value number-of-periods payment

period-payment present-value sln-depreciation syd-depreciation

Trigonometry Package

acos acosh acot acoth

acsc acsch asec asech

asin asinh atan atan2

atanh cos cosh cot

coth csc csch cycle-rad

deg-grad deg-rad distance distance-manhattan

distance-sqr grad-deg grad-rad hypotenuse

rad-cycle rad-deg rad-grad sec

sech sin sinh tan


Fuzzy Logic Package

beta create-fuzzy-value fuzzy-assert fuzzy-assert-unconditional

fuzzy-intersection fuzzy-intersection-x fuzzy-union fuzzy-union-x

get-activation-threshold get-compatibility-index get-fs get-fs-length

get-fs-value get-fs-variable get-fs-x get-fs-y

get-fuzzy-auto-terms get-fuzzy-correlation get-fuzzy-inference get-fuzzy-threshold

get-u get-u-from get-u-to get-u-units

is-undecidable maximum-defuzzify moment-defuzzify pi

plot-fuzzy-value s set-activation-threshold set-fuzzy-auto-terms

set-fuzzy-correlation set-fuzzy-inference set-fuzzy-threshold tri


Database Package

assert-record assert-record-string dataset-at-first dataset-at-last

dataset-cancel dataset-delete dataset-edit dataset-first

dataset-insert dataset-last dataset-move-by dataset-next

dataset-post dataset-prior dataset-refresh duplicate-record

get-dataset-active get-dataset-empty get-dataset-read-only is-dataset-fact

modify-record retract-record retract-record-string set-dataset-active


Vcl Package

create-component input-box input-query get-color

get-color-name message-dlg show-message

FMX Package

animate-color animate-color-delay animate-color-wait animate-float

animate-float-delay animate-float-wait create-component get-color

get-color-name input-box input-query message-dlg

pause-animation resume-animation show-message start-animation

start-trigger-animation start-trigger-animation-wait stop-animation stop-property-animation



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