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Encapsulates a graph or network (not the TeeChart type of graphs). Graphs are made up of nodes ( GGraph.TGGraphNode class) and edges ( GGraph.TGGraphEdge class) connecting the nodes. Graphs may be directed or undirected.

The TGLabelGraph class manages the nodes as a hash table and allows quick access to nodes based on their unique name. If you need a graph where you often access the nodes based on their name, use this class. The GGraph.TGGraph class manages the nodes as a list and allows duplicately named nodes.

The TGLabelGraph class inherits all the functionality of its GGraph.TGCustomGraph class ancestor, which allows you to add and remove nodes, get topological sorts and shortest paths, and other graph operations.


Nodes must have a unique name (    Caption property) with this graph class.

Namespace: GGraph

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