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Deprecated since Delphi XE4. Please use the RSInterfaceCollections|TIStringList class instead.

The TIStringList object maintains a list of strings and their associated objects and interfaces. TIStringList is similar to TStringList but also adds a field for interfaces. Use a string list object to store and manipulate a list of strings with interfaces.

TIStringList implements the abstract properties and methods introduced by TStrings, and introduces new properties, events, and methods to:

Add or delete strings at specified positions in the list.

Rearrange the strings in the list.

Access the string at a particular location.

Read the strings from or write the strings to a file or stream.

Associate an object with each string in the list and, optionally free it when the string is deleted.

Sort the strings in the list.

Prohibit duplicate strings in sorted lists.

Respond to changes in the contents of the list.

Namespace: InterfaceCollections

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