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TRSHighLowAverageChartFunction Class

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Implements a chart function class that applies a function to an input SourceChart and adds values to a RSBarCharts.TRSHighLowAverageChart or RSBarCharts.TRSCandleStickChart. The functions are able to modify multiple values of the Target chart at once (e.g., High, Low, and Average).

The TRSHighLowAverageChartFunction class provides specific functions applicable to high/low/average charts and candlestick charts. The function is applied over a Period of the SourceChart.


Chart Function Example showing automatic generation of hourly High/Low/Average data from a Source Line chart to a High/Low/Average Target Chart.

Namespace: RSBarCharts

To set up a function at run-time:


RSHighLowAverageChartFunction1 := TRSHighLowAverageChartFunction.Create(Self);
 RSHighLowAverageChartFunction1.SourceChart := RSLineChart1;
 RSHighLowAverageChartFunction1.PeriodValue := 0.25;
 RSHighLowAverageChartFunction1.Period := cfpPercentageCount;
 RSHighLowAverageChartFunction1.FunctionType := cftMaximum; 

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