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The TRSDBPathChart component is the database aware version of the TRSPathChart . The TRSPathChart component is a TRSCustomChart descendant that represents a path chart. The path chart displays chart values ( TRSPathChartValue) as irregular shapes defined by paths representing groups of connected curves and lines. Every value in the chart has its own path and maintains the coordinates of geometric shapes in world coordinate space in an array of path points. Each saved point has a specific type, to identify the primitive shape it is defining. Complex shapes of a TPathData are composed of a sequence of primitive shapes like lines and curves.

The values for the chart are created by reading a dataset (database table or query) specified with the    DataSource property. Each record in the dataset provides one value for the chart, where the DataFieldX property specifies the field to use for the X property of the Value, the DataFieldY property specifies the Y property of the Value, etc.

alert_cautionImportant Note

Unlike other charts, the path chart fetches data from one record only and creates one value only; it is assumed that one field of the record will hold the entire path.


In addition to using code to define your path shape, each value has a Data property which accepts a string defining the shape. This string uses the same format as the TPath FMX component, which is also the same format as the paths defined in SVG files. To show SVG shapes, copy the paths to chart values.

Namespace: RSDBCharts

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