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Specifies the strategy to deal with bloat in the genetic program trees.

Bloat, or uncontrolled growth of genetic programs, is a common problem in genetic programming. After a certain number of generations, genetic program trees tend to start gaining in size and depth rapidly, slowing execution and often leading to no convergence on a solution.

The BloatStrategy property specifies the anti-bloating strategy to attempt to control excessive tree growth. Unfortunately, the bloat strategies are often problem dependent so you may have to tinker with bloat strategies to see which works for your problem.

The    BloatLimit property is used with the BloatStrategy to specify when limits are exceeded. The    ParsimonyCoefficient property is used with parsimony-type anti-bloat strategies. The    TarpeianProbability property is used with the Tarpeian anti-bloat strategies.


You can implement your own anti-bloat strategy by hooking into the OnReproduction event

Namespace: RSGenerics.GeneticProgramming

Property Value

Type: TGPBloatStrategy

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