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Specifies the parsimony coefficient to use when trying to control bloat using bsSizeParsimonyPressure and bsDepthParsimonyPressure.

When generating the  WeightedFitness of an individual, the  Fitness is reduced by the size or depth its genetic program multiplied by the ParsimonyCoefficient. This has the effect for evolving for smaller genetic programs over larger genetic programs.


bsCovariantSizeParsimonyPressure and bsCovariantDepthParsimonyPressure also use the ParsimonyCoefficient when evaluating the WeightedFitness. However, these two methods recalculate the ParsimonyCoefficient themselves every generation using the formula CoVariance(ProgramData, FitnessData) / Variance(ProgramData).

Namespace: RSGenerics.GeneticProgramming

Property Value

Type: TGAFloat

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