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TRSCustomGeneticComponent.Reproduce(TRSIndividual,TRSIndividual,TRSIndividual,TRSIndividual) Method

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The Reproduce method takes the two Parents and "mates" them to create the new Children. The Child parameters must exist but all of their information will be overwritten by the Parents. Child1 is copied from the first parent and Child2 is copied from the second parent, and then    Crossover,    Mutate, and    Invert are called according to the Operations property and the respective probability of the operation. Finally, an    OnReproduction event occurs.

The Evolve method calls the Reproduce methods.

Namespace: RSGeneticBase



Type: TRSIndividual


Type: TRSIndividual


Type: TRSIndividual


Type: TRSIndividual

Return Value

Type: Boolean

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