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The TRSIndividual class is the base individual class for the library. It represents one individual, or candidate solution, in the population of solutions in a genetic algorithm or genetic programming problem. With genetic components, there is a population of individuals ( RSGeneticBase.TRSPopulation), which contain "dna", chromosomes for genetic algorithms or a program tree for genetic programming.

Genetic components then work by evolving your population towards the solution of the problem. Parents are selected from the current generation to reproduce the children of the next generation. Evolving a new generation involves:

Selecting 2 parents (Individuals) to reproduce

Splicing the the 2 parents together to make a child (called Crossover)

Optionally Mutating and Inverting the "dna" of the child to provide randomness

Repeating the above steps until the population of the new generation has been produced.

Namespace: RSGeneticBase

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