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Defines a TImageList composed entirely of SVGs to enable compact, graphical support of different screen resolutions and densities.

TImageList components represent a collection of same sized images, each of which can be referred to by its index. The TRSSVGImageList component defines a TImageList composed entirely of SVGs, which can regenerate bitmaps when the Width and Height of the imagelist changes.

The RSSVGImgList.TRSSVGImageList.Items property contains the list of SVGs in the imagelist.


The TRSSVGImageList (VCL) supports the notion of Master and Dependent SVG Image Lists. A master image list contains the SVGs for the entire application. Dependent image lists then reference the master through the RSSVGImgList.TRSSVGImageList.MasterImageList property. Dependent image lists do not actually contain any SVGs; rather, they use the master image list to supply the SVGs and generate bitmaps from the master's SVG at different resolutions. This architecture saves memory as well as allows you to centralize all your SVGs in one location in your application.


The SVGs are embedded into the form or data module and do not need to be deployed as separate files in your final application. The bitmaps are not stored with the imagelist. New bitmaps are created when the TRSSVGImageList is loaded.

Namespace: RSSVGImgList

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