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RiverSoftAVG Products Help

Using the RiverSoftAVG Products Help for genetic programming is very easy, and will get you started in no time.  Of course, the devil is in the details. Genetic programming requires careful crafting of the building block instructions and the fitness evaluation to properly guide the genetic programming components.


The following steps will help you in using the genetic algorithms components.  The basic steps for perform genetic programming are:


Drop a TRSGeneticProgramming component (or TRSBinaryGeneticProgramming component) on your form

Define the Instructions (functions, constants, and variables) for your problem

Define a fitness function (OnEvaluateFitness event) to properly execute and assess the fitness of each individual

Tune the genetic programming component to your problem by setting properties like InitialPopulation, InitializationMethod, InitializationDepth, FitnessMethod, and others

Evolve your solution

Optional but recommended, control Bloat (uncontrolled growth of your GP trees) by selecting and tuning a BloatStrategy


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