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TRSHighLowAverageChartValues Class

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Defines the collection of all bars in a high/low/average bar chart (i.e., bars do not need to be right next to each other and they do not start at the origin). A high/low/average bar chart is made up of a collection of bars ( RSBarCharts.TRSHighLowAverageChartValue ), where each TRSHighLowAverageChartValue defines the information for one bar for the chart. The TRSHighLowAverageChartValue class defines the common properties to all bars, including X, Value, High, Low, Average, Caption, and Color. The TRSHighLowAverageChartValues collection defines the common properties to all bar values, such as DimensionCount, MaxValues, and MinValues.

Note that the TRSHighLowAverageChartValues collection provides built-in support for limiting the number of values in the collection (using the Limit property).

Namespace: RSBarCharts

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