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TRSCustomChartPanel.Pan(Integer,Integer,Boolean,Boolean) Method

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Moves the visual window (or the zoomed window) that the chart panel displays. The zoomed area is not changed. By default, the Pan method uses the    BottomAxis and the    LeftAxis to pan. By changing the UseBottomAxis and UseLeftAxis parameters, you can change which axes are used. The MoveX and MoveY parameters, which is based on pixels, are first converted into the equivalent amounts based on chart axis values.

Specifying a positive MoveX amount moves the zoomed window right and a negative amount moves it left. Specifying a positive MoveY amount moves the zoomed window up and a negative amount moves it down.

Use the overloaded Pan method to move the visual window using chart axis values directly.


The Pan method does nothing if no chart axis is zoomed (Zooming = False).

Namespace: RSChartPanel



Type: Integer


Type: Integer


Type: Boolean


Type: Boolean

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