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TRSCustomChartPanel.Zoom(TRSPoint,Single,Single,Boolean,Boolean) Method

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Zooms the chart panel to desired point in chart coordinates. The magnification of the zoom area is specified by the ZoomX and ZoomY parameters, e.g., ZoomX/ZoomY = 2 means 2x magnification. A value less than or equal to 1 unzooms that axis.

Usually, this method zooms the    BottomAxis and the    LeftAxis to change displayed area for charts associated with those axes. Set the UseBottomAxis parameter to False to use the TopAxis and the UseLeftAxis parameter to False to use the    RightAxis.

Use the    ZoomPixelArea method to zoom the visual window by using a pixel coordinate rectangle of the chart panel's canvas. Use the    Zoom method to zoom the visual window by using a chart value coordinate rectangle directly.

Namespace: RSChartPanel



Type: TRSPoint


Type: Single


Type: Single


Type: Boolean


Type: Boolean

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