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TRSCustomChartPanel Class

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The TRSCustomChartPanel component provides the panel or the canvas which is the visual parent of the charts (and where they are drawn) and where the user interacts with the charts (zooming, panning, selecting). The TRSCustomChartPanel component is the base class for the RSChartPanel.TRSChartPanel component. It provides the ability to significantly customize the look and feel of objects that are drawn with a chart: axes, legend, shadow, gradients, foreground and background, etc.

Panel Itself

Background (the surface or layer behind all chart panel elements)

Gradient (Drawn behind the chart panel elements and obscures the Background)

Header (the area above where the charts are drawn)

Footer (the area below where the charts are drawn)







Legend (the text box that labels the charts or their values)

Foreground (the surface or layer in front of all chart panel elements)

In addition, the ChartShadow defines the attributes of the shadow that all chart elements can optionally cast.Except for the panel and the charts, each element of the chart descends, either directly or indirectly, from the TRSChartGraphic class, which provides common properties and methods of the elements of the chart. You can control which elements are drawn by setting each element's Visible property.

Namespace: RSChartPanel

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