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TRSGuideChartValue Class

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Extends the RSCharts.TRS2DChartValue class to provide the properties and methods needed to describe one guide. Guides are horizontal or vertical lines, similar to Photoshop guides, that help the user more quickly see other chart values. A guide chart is meant to be used with other chart types to help users interpret the values. For example, you could create a horizontal guide at Y=100, which would display a horizontal line across the chart panel at Y=100. The user can then use this guide to see at a glance which values from a line chart are above or below 100.

The TRSGuideChartValue class is used by the RSCharts.TRSGuideChart component. The TRSGuideChartValue class contains the X, Y and Orientation properties to define one guide.

Namespace: RSCharts

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