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TRSPathChartDataLink Class

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Povide a data-aware link for the RSDBCharts.TRSDBPathChart .

alert_cautionImportant Note

Unlike other charts, the path chart fetches data from one record only and creates one value only; it is assumed that one field of the record will hold the entire path.


DataFields holds the field names associated with each *dimension* in the TRSChartValue internal array plus two. The last index holds the Caption's FieldName. The first index holds the path data

alert_noteNotes to Callers

Data-aware path charts use the TRSPathChartDataLink to provide a mapping of data field names to their Values dimension. They should expose properties that allow the user to input dataset field names for each dimension of their TRSChartValue.Values property. These field names would be placed in    DataFields property.

Namespace: RSDBCharts

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