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Represents a SVG 'text' element. The ‘text’ element defines a graphics element consisting of text.

The attributes and properties on the ‘text’ element indicate such things as the writing direction, font specification and painting attributes which describe how exactly to render the characters.

Since ‘text’ elements are rendered using the same rendering methods as other graphics elements, all of the same coordinate system transformations, painting, clipping and masking features that apply to shapes such as paths and rectangles also apply to ‘text’ elements.


The ‘text’ element renders its first glyph at the initial current text position, which is established by the ‘x’ and ‘y’ attributes on the ‘text’ element (with possible adjustments due to the value of the ‘text-anchor’ property, the presence of a ‘textPath’ element containing the first character, and/or an ‘x’, ‘y’, ‘dx’ or ‘dy’ attributes on a ‘tspan’, ‘tref’ or ‘altGlyph’ element which contains the first character). After the glyph(s) corresponding to the given character is(are) rendered, the current text position is updated for the next character. In the simplest case, the new current text position is the previous current text position plus the glyphs' advance value (horizontal or vertical).

Namespace: RSSVG.Text



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