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Represents a text-path svg element. The class displays a text string along a path. A path can be either an svg path element or a basic shape (rect, ellipse, etc).

alert_cautionImportant Note

The parent RSSVG.Text.TSVGText class creates the actual path shape for the text in its ConvertToPath method (called indirectly at the end of the BeginDraw method). The class itself only transforms and draws the shape.

alert_noteNotes to Implementers

TSVGTextPath works by manipulating the text chunks of itself and its children so that their X, Y, and Rotate values of the text chunks align along the path. The CalculateXYRotate(TSVGCanvas, TSVGMatrix) manipulates the text of the TSVGTextPath. The CalculateXYRotate(TSVGCanvas, TSVGMatrix, TSVGTextChunk, Integer, Single) aligns one character of a child text content element.

Namespace: RSSVG.Text



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