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TGStringList.Find(string,Integer) Method

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Locates the index for a string in a sorted list and indicates whether a string with that value already exists in the list. Use Find to obtain the index in a sorted list where the string S should be added. If the string S already exists in the list, Find returns True. If the list does not contain S, Find returns False. The index where S should go is returned in the Index parameter. The value of Index is zero-based, where the first string has the index 0, the second string has the index 1, and so on.


Only use Find with sorted lists. For unsorted lists, use the IndexOf method instead.


If the S string is not found (thus return value of Find is False) then Index is set to the index of the first string in the list that sorts immediately before or after S.

Namespace: Structures



Type: string


Type: Integer

Return Value

Type: Boolean

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