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Structures Namespace

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The Structures unit contains string list objects (similar to TStringList).

The Structures.TSFCList, in fact, descends from TStringList and modifies it to make it more efficient. Also, it adds an owner which can be notified when the list changes. The TSFCFreeList object descends from TSFCList and adds the ability for the list to automatically free the objects when they are deleted from the list (this is similar to the TObjectList in later versions of Delphi).

The Structures.TGStringList is a complete reimplementation of the TStringList building in the efficiencies of TSFCList from the ground up. It adds the memory management of the TSFCFreeList. Finally, it also adds a private Data field so that you may leave the Objects field empty for use by the user. Of course, this list may also be set to manage the memory in the Data field as well.

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