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The TSFCList class descends from TStringList and modifies the class to make it more efficient. Also, it adds some helper methods for iterating easily over the list. Finally, it adds an owner which can be notified when the list changes.

The TSFCList class makes the TStringList class more efficient by overriding the Assign and Sort methods. Specifically, Inprise's TStringList does not override the Assign method and can be slow when assigning two sorted TStringLists to each other. The inherited Assign method justs adds the strings from the source object, it doesn't use knowledge about the lists being sorted to not search for the correct place to insert the item into the destination list.

The Structures.TGStringList adds this efficiency (and other improvements). However, the TGStringList is built entirely from scratch so it may be more advantageous to use.

Namespace: Structures

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