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The TGStringList class is a complete reimplementation of the TStringList, building in the efficiencies of Structures.TSFCList as well as adding conveniences of its own. It adds the memory management of the TSFCFreeList, e.g., it can free the associated objects automatically if you want to. It allows sorting and searching case sensitive or non-case sensitive, using Windows locale information or not. The TStringList class uses a case insensitive Locale based search and sort, while this is the most general case, it is also the slowest. Finally, it also adds a private Data field so that you may leave the Objects field empty for use by the user and store your own private data in the Data property. The  Data property is not part of the TStrings base class. As such, it is perfect for associating your data with the strings without worrying about the user inadvertently stomping on it. Of course, the TGStringList may also be set to manage the memory in the Data property as well.

Namespace: Structures


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